Working in Style!


True teamwork and collaboration comes from a genuine appreciation and acceptance of each others’ differences and learning how to adapt them. Different work styles can either result in conflicts or in developing a competitive edge. It all depends on how much each individual DISCovers about oneself and about others.


This interactive and practical one-day workshop covers three major themes:

1) Knowing the Team
Assessment of the Team’s Current Position in Tuckman’s Model (Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing)
Developing a Vision of a ‘Performing’ Team
5 Dysfunctions of a Team, and Strategies to Overcome them
Developing a Practical Work Plan to Leverage on Team’s Strengths and Close Gaps

2) Knowing Self and Others
DiSC® Dimensions of Behavior (complete an online profile)
DiSCcovering the Fundamentals of DiSC
DiSCcovering Behaviours of Self and Profiles of the Team
Appreciating the Gifts of Diversity and Importance of Inclusivity
Adapting and Communicating with Different DiSC® Styles
Adapting to Different DiSC® Styles in Challenging Situations

3) Change Management
Understanding and Using “Appreciative Inquiry” to Facilitate Change
Appreciating the Difference between “Fixed” and “Growth” Mindsets to make Mindful Choices
Prioritising your Work Plan to Achieve Small Wins in a Step-up Approach


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