Professional Training and Development

Professional Training and Development

Training is an important component that keeps employees’ knowledge, skills and abilities updated. Training ensures your employees perform to the brand’s vision. Investing in training is an investment in your organization and employees’ future.

 TSM™ Service Excellence Programme

 Strategic Alignment (Developing or Refining Strategy / Vision, Mission and Values)

 Communication of Vision, Mission and Values  Curriculum Design and Development  Designing Service Blueprint and Service Standards

 Service Design and Innovation

 Service Coaching System

 Executive Coaching

 Service-Class Certification

Leaders are the catalysts of change, hence their roles have a great impact on the outcome of the business. These modules can be the building blocks for leadership development and progression.

 Transformational Leadership

 Target Management

 Business Acumen

 Strategic Planning

 Decision Making

 Problem Solving

 Performance Goal Setting and Appraisal

 Effective Mentoring

 Solutions-Focused Coaching

 Coaching and Counselling

 OJT Skills

Delegation Skills

 Interviewing Skills

 Managing Diversity

Excellent Customer Service allows customers to experience a memorable interaction with the brand, creating a loyal following, and with it begins the process of ‘word of mouth’ marketing and increase in sales. Its importance is paramount.

 Customer Service Mindset

 Service Emotional Quotient (EQ)

 Versatile Service Standards

 Professional Telephone Etiquette

 Handling Feedback and Difficult Situations Effectively

 Recover Service Breakdowns and Retain Your Customers

 Improving Your Relationship with Customers

 Service Goal Setting and Team Briefing

 Service Review and Coaching

The life blood of any organization is business. Sales is an art and mastery, and is achieved with training and practice. Transform your employees from ‘order takers’ to ‘order makers’!

 Customer Service That Sells!

 Professional Selling for Retail Sector

 Professional Selling for Food & Beverage Sector

 Professional Direct / Consultative Selling

 Boost Your Sales Performance and Results

 5-Minute Selling

 Social Style Selling

 Selling with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

 Behavioural Selling Techniques

Personal Development is the pursuit of personal growth by increasing self-awareness, expanding knowledge and improving personal skills. It helps to build confidence, increase personal empowerment and enhance one’s employability prospects.

 Critical Thinking @ Work

 Creativity for You

Problem Solving Skills

 Negotiation Skills

 Business Communication

 Interpersonal Communication

 Effective Business Presentation

 Becoming An Effective Trainer

 Project Management

 Time Management / Time Mastery

 Self-Motivation

 AIR (Awareness-Inspiration-Resilience)

 Working with Emotional Intelligence

 EQ and Social Intelligence

 D.I.S.C.over Your Personality

 Conflict Management

Stress Management

 Change Management

 Winning in Adversity

 Bridging Cultural Differences

Psychometric profiling tools are widely used in service and leadership training to identify individual’s strengths and development opportunities. Include profiling tools in our customized workshops to discover meaningful and deeper insights.

 DiSC® Behavioural Profile

 FIRO-B® Profile

 Belbin® Team Report

 EQ-i®2.0 / EQ360 Profile

 Herrmann Brain Dominance

 Instrument® (HBDI®) Profile

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