Business Research and Analysis

Business Research and Analysis

Mystery Shopper Programmes give you clear and unbiased information about the quality of your staff’s service performance. Using this information, you can identify areas of service strengths and weaknesses, and strengthen the former while minimising the latter.

Mystery Shopper Programmes are conducted under the following principles:

• While the identities of shoppers are “mysterious”, the objectives of the initiative must be clearly communicated to both management and employees.

• Mystery shoppers should come from an appropriate demographic spectrum which corresponds to the customer profile of the company.

• Mystery shoppers must be highly trained to allow unbiased assessment.

Knowing what customers think of your products and services is a prerequisite for business survival.

Customer satisfaction surveys provide a direct and reliable source of information, which you can use to help retain existing customers – and attract new ones.

• All measurement and assessment tools must be well-designed, able to withstand micro-analysis, and customized to suit the unique business nature of the company.

• Data analysis should be practical and must yield meaningful information which the client can easily use for business decision making.

Your staff is your most important asset and business partner. To succeed, you need your employees support and cooperation. To drive an organizational change, you must first understand their opinions and then plan accordingly.

Properly designed internal climate surveys target appropriate layers of the organization, to identify and analyze critical issues, such as managerial effectiveness, departmental communication, staff morale and employee satisfaction. They provide genuine insights into how well your organization is performing.

Does customer participation contribute to a company’s business planning, strategy development, products and services quality, etc.? Experience and research have conclusively proven this to be so. While quantitative information from a variety of surveys is indispensable, you also need qualitative information to capture the full picture in all its complexities and nuances. The focus group methodology answers the quintessential question, “What do our customers really want?” It succeeds by assessing customers’ deep perceptions and instinctive reactions.

Focus Groups managed by Tiptop are facilitated by experienced consultants and research team, who are fluent in guiding participants and maximising group synergy for insightful information.

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