Workshops & Public Events

Tiptop Consultants offers management conferences and seminars in Singapore, Hong Kong and Asia Pacific. Our seminar topics are selected to address current issues in the market.

TARGET (Tiptop All-Rounded-Goal Enhancement Training) regularly organizes public workshops for adult learners and employees from different industries. We aim at providing high quality, professional and market driven training workshops in a practical and cost effective way.

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EQ for Difficult Situations

Are you up to the test to handle Sticky interpersonal situations? Get to know more one of the skillset that is in demand : Emotional Intelligence ?   Click here to download EQ For Difficult Situations

Managing Relationships with EQ

Emotional intelligence greatly impacts our work life and career, so it’s important to understand exactly what it is and why it is so important. It is that which makes us human, yet they’re absent from our digital lives, the devices and apps we interact with have no way of knowing how we feel. Every...