Workshops & Public Events

Tiptop Consultants offers management conferences and seminars in Singapore, Hong Kong and Asia Pacific. Our seminar topics are selected to address current issues in the market.

TARGET (Tiptop All-Rounded-Goal Enhancement Training) regularly organizes public workshops for adult learners and employees from different industries. We aim at providing high quality, professional and market driven training workshops in a practical and cost effective way.

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People Leadership

“You can love people without leading them, but you cannot lead people without loving them”  ~ John. C Maxwell ~ Most chief executives of major companies, when asked what one single characteristic is most needed by those in leadership positions, replied, “The ability to work with people.” Objectives Understand the Difference between Leadership vs. Management Alignment of...

Service Goal Setting and Coaching for Success

Goals are the focal point of all management activities. They determine the ultimate objectives during the planning stage, direct your behaviours during execution, and serve as a benchmark during assessment Feedback can be a simple yet a powerful motivational tool. Just by praising people for what they have done, leaders can have a stimulating effect. Objectives...