Tiptop Consultants (Pte) Ltd, a training and management consulting company serving Singapore, Hong Kong, Asia Pacific and beyond. We offer services to companies, organizations and individuals in the pursuit of service quality, customer satisfaction, personal growth and managerial excellence.

Tiptop was founded in 1989 by Hong Kong’s foremost customer service and management development expert, Mr. Raymond Tsang. In 1995, Tiptop Consultants (Pte) Ltd. was established in Singapore. With the rapid economic development of mainland China, Tiptop Consultants (Shenzhen) Ltd. and Shanghai branch were established in 2001.

 Tiptop Consultants specializes in providing a complete range of consulting, research and training services to companies in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific which are committed to service and managerial excellence. Tiptop is dedicated to working with progressive organizations to enhance competitiveness and market position.


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Vision & Mission

Vision : “To Inspire Tip of the Top Service in Asia Pacific.”

Mission : “We synergize with organizations using a holistic approach to build innovative, sustainable and vibrant service experiences.”


TSM is a proven and powerful approach to achieving service excellence. It ensures that all members of an organization are aligned towards common goals and process the skills necessary to contribute towards these goals. We apply TSM by identifying and customizing components of TSM which are most suited to the unique needs of each individual client. The adjacent flowchart shows the various components of...